Outside Scholarships

Researching Outside Scholarships
  • When researching the entities that sponsor these scholarship opportunities or applying using their application process, be mindful to only provide information that is required as part of a standard scholarship application.
  • If you have concerns about any of the scholarship opportunities posted here, please contact the University Scholarship Office at 704‑687‑5871 or by email at scholarships@charlotte.edu.
Preferred Scholarship Search Engines

These scholarship search engines have been vetted and are reputable, safe options to view.

Outside Scholarship Listing
  • The scholarships listed in the “Outside Scholarship Listing” sheet are not administered by UNC Charlotte or the University Scholarship Office. An organization external and separate from UNC Charlotte conducts the application collection, review, and recipient selection processes.
  • View the Outside Scholarship Listing here.
Receiving an Outside Scholarship

View this page for instructions on how to make sure the scholarship you earned is posted directly to your student account.