Scholarship Management Portal

For Faculty and Staff with an Administrator or Application Reviewer Role in NinerScholars.

For Administrators:

  • Administrators have full access to all student application materials, Reviewer comments, and nomination letters for the scholarship funds they manage.
  • Administrators have access to the Scholarship Award Form, and are responsible for completing a form for each student applicant who should have a scholarship processed to their student account.
  • Administrators have the ability to nominate students to apply for scholarships approved as Nomination Only Scholarships.

For Application Reviewers:

  • Application Reviewers have access to all student application materials for each scholarship they have been assigned to review by the Scholarship Administrator for their department.
  • Application Reviewers are responsible for carefully reviewing the criteria and preferences for each scholarship for which they have been assigned applications. They should then review each student application to evaluate the student’s submission, using the student’s ability to address the criteria and preferences to determine the overall quality of the application.
  • Application Reviewers should provide detailed comments for each student’s material they review, through the online Review Form associated with each application. Comments submitted through the form are visible to the Scholarship Administrator for your department, and cannot be seen by other Application Reviewers.