Follow the steps below to get matched with scholarship opportunities and submit applications in the NinerScholars Portal. Carefully review the instructions and bookmark this page to reference as you apply for scholarships in the NinerScholars Portal.

Please note that UNC Charlotte does not offer formulaic merit-based scholarships. All scholarships at UNC Charlotte must be applied for through the NinerScholars Portal. Students who choose not to use the NinerScholars Portal will not be considered for institutional scholarships.

Get Started

Step 1: Activate your NinerNET account. It may take up to 48 hours from the time you set up or reactivate your NinerNET account until you can log into the NinerScholars Portal.

  • New first-year undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students must be admitted before you can access NinerScholars.
    • If you haven’t activated your NinerNET account, locate your NinerNET username on your admission acceptance letter. If you already activated your NinerNET account, but forgot your username or password, request it here
  • Current undergraduate and graduate students can apply for scholarships each year.
    • Scholarship profiles and applications do not carry over from one year to the next.
    • If you do not update your profile in NinerScholars each year and complete the required application materials, you will not be considered for scholarships awarded for the next academic year.


Step 2: Login to the NinerScholars Portal. Using your NinerNet username and password, login to NinerScholars. Read, sign, and submit the Acknowledgment of Student Confidentiality and Responsibility statement. 

Step 3: Review your scholarship matches. This list is generated by comparing the information in your student record with the criteria for each scholarship.

Click the gold Apply button next to a scholarship you want to start applying for. When an application opens, respond to the Scholarship Details and any Scholarship Eligibility questions. Answering these questions will confirm your eligibility.

Other items required to complete the application will be displayed as green blocks in a menu to the left of the work area. When you click a block, instructions will explain what action you need to take to complete the individual application requirement. You must complete all requirements in each block and submit your application to be considered for a scholarship.

All required materials/actions for a scholarship will display as a block in the application for that particular scholarship. For example, if a recommendation letter is not required to be considered for a scholarship, you will not see a Recommendation block in the application menu for that scholarship. If a recommendation letter is required, you’ll see a Recommendation block in the application menu. When you click on the Recommendation block, you’ll be prompted to enter contact information for the reference you choose. Within 24 hours, a system-generated email will be sent to your reference with instructions on what content to include and how to submit the recommendation letter.


Step 4: Submit your completed application. After you submit all required materials, you’ll need to electronically sign your application. After signing, the system will run a final review and alert you if any materials are missing. If your review shows no errors, click the Submit button.

Once you submit your application, it will display in a new section on your main scholarship page, Complete Scholarship Applications. 

If an application you submitted requires one or more recommendation letters, the application will remain in the Scholarship Applications You’ve Started section. The Recommendation Letter Status field in this section will indicate Awaiting Submission until the letter is submitted by your reference. When all recommendation letters required by an application are received, the application will move to a new section, Complete Scholarship Applications.


Step 5: Wait for a scholarship review. When a scholarship deadline passes, a scholarship review committee will review all complete applications and select which students will receive the scholarship.

Step 6: Login to NinerScholars regularly for updates. If you’re offered a scholarship, you’ll receive an email and see a notification on your main scholarship page. Students who are not offered a scholarship will not receive an email, but the status of the application will update on their main scholarship page.


Step 7: Accept any scholarship offers. Scholarship offers are typically made within 90 days of the scholarship application deadline. If you have been offered a scholarship, you will receive an email instructing you how to access and accept your scholarship offer in the NinerScholars Portal. Students must accept a scholarship offer in NinerScholars before it will be applied to their UNC Charlotte account. Scroll to the bottom of your main scholarship page each time you login to NinerScholars. New section headings will generate automatically as your applications advance through the application creation and submission, review, and award processes