Gold Rush Grant

About the Grant

The Gold Rush Grant is offered by invitation only to selected students who are within two semesters of graduating from UNC Charlotte and have demonstrated financial need during their senior year at the University.

Amount of Grant

The Gold Rush Grant Program provides a one-time grant award of $1,500 to select students.

Award Timeline
  • Selected students were notified of the grant offer and acceptance requirements by email and mail.
  • Students who submit the participation form by the deadline in the offer email will have their award applied to their student account within two weeks.
Next Steps

If you have been selected to receive the Gold Rush Grant and notified via email:

  • Submit the Gold Rush Grant participation form, provided in your offer sent to your University email, by the indicated deadline.
    • If you submit the Gold Rush Grant participation form, by the deadline indicated in your offer email, your award will be applied to your student account within two weeks on submission.
  • Decide which two of the activities below you will complete.
  • Once you have submitted your Gold Rush participation form, you will be added to a Canvas course where you can submit proof of completion of your two activities.
    • Acceptable documentation proving completion of each activity can be found in the description above and in Canvas.
  • Complete your two activities by Dec. 1, 2023.

Gold rush grant future-building activities

To receive the Gold Rush grant, you must agree to participate in two activities designed to help you become more successful in your future career, and complete by March 4, 2024. Below is a description of the activities from which you will choose:

Activity 1: Write Your Degree Completion Plan

Your degree completion plan will describe which courses you will take to ensure you will be able to complete your degree in the appropriate amount of time.

  • Provide your course listing on this degree completion form.
  • ​​​Make an appointment with your academic advisor through Connect at MyCharlotte.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to confirm that your plan is feasible and comprehensive. Your advisor must sign the degree plan form.
Activity 2: Have Your Resume Approved
  • Login to the Hire-A-Niner system, which is managed by the University Career Center.
  • On the homepage, click “Students” and on the following page, click the “Add a Resume” tile in the top row. If you don’t already have a Hire-A-Niner account, you’ll need to complete the Personal Information page before you can submit a resume. Complete this information, click Home in the navigation menu at the top of the Personal Information page, then click the Add a Resume tile in the top row.
  • Review the Resume Approval Checklist to help build your resume.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete and submit your resume.
  • Your first resume you upload to Hire-A-Niner will be reviewed and approved by the University Career Center. Once your resume is reviewed (which can take 2 business days), you’ll get an email letting you know if it’s approved or needs changes. 
  • Please note if you have already had a resume approved in the Hire-A-Niner system it is not possible to have a new resume approved. In order to receive proof of completion for this activity you may: go to the University Career Center in-person or do a virtual drop-in and have a staff member perform edits on either a paper copy or digital copy of your resume and submit that as proof of completion OR complete a different future-building activity.
  • Proof of completion: Print or take a screenshot of the email you receive from Hire-A-Niner indicating your resume is approved. Upload the email and a copy of your resume as a single document in Assignments in Canvas.
Activity 3: Attend a Career Fair or Meet-Up

Attend a Career Fair or Meet-Up (either online or in person) may be for resume writing and/or improving your interview skills.

Activity 4: Do a Practice Interview

Choose one of the options below:

Use Big Interview

  • Go to the Big Interview website and login using your NinerNET credentials.
  • View Big Interview instructions and evaluation rubric.
  • Go to the “Assignments” tab and enter your assignment code of 836330. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the free, online practice interview with a webcam. You must respond to all questions and click the green Submit button to complete the exercise.
  • Proof of Completion: Upload the interview feedback you receive via email in Assignments in Canvas.​

Practice Interview with an Employer

  • Go to Hire-A-Niner and log in.
  • Go to “Events” then click “Career Events”.
  • Search “Practice Interview” and choose any employer to sign up for a 30-minute mock interview time slot.
  • Proof of Completion: Upload the interview feedback you receive via email in Assignments in Canvas.

Practice Interview with a Career Coach

  • Go to Hire-A-Niner and log in.
  • At the top of the page click “Appointments”
  • Under “I want to” select “do a practice interview”
  • Choose your date/time and any career advisor who displays as an option.
  • Proof of Completion: Upload the interview feedback you receive via email in Assignments in Canvas.
Activity 5: Participate in CashCourse
  • Cash Course is an online Financial Literacy module designed to help you learn effective ways to save, spend, and budget your money both in college and after graduation.
    • Online financial education courses through instructor assignments or self-study
    • Customizable financial tools such as worksheets, a Budget Wizard, quizzes, and calculators
    • A personal dashboard to track your progress
    • Articles and resources on topics that students can relate to
    • A guide to real-life money questions
    • CashCourse Provides:
  • Register for CashCourse here
  • Once registered on CashCourse, click the Financial Tools tab and select Coursework.
  • Complete one of the following assignments
    • Be Credit Savvy
    • Budgeting Basics
    • Getting Started with Saving & Investing
    • Paying Back Student Loans

Proof of Completion: Complete at least one assignment and upload a screenshot of the results to Assignments in the Fall 2023 Gold Rush Grant Canvas Page.