Student Application Portal

For Newly admitted and Continuing Undergraduate & Graduate students:


  • Many scholarship deadlines have passed for the current application cycle. If you have logged into NinerScholars and any new opportunities for scholarships become available for you, you will receive an email and will see the new match(es) in your portal.
  • Notification for scholarship offers come via email and in your scholarship portal. This year it may take anywhere from 30-90 days for decisions to be made, partially due to the continuing FAFSA issues.
  • If you have questions about the FAFSA or Financial Aid, please visit the Niner Central website.


  • This portal is UNC Charlotte’s online scholarship application portal that matches students to scholarships.
  • All scholarships at UNC Charlotte must be applied for through NinerScholars.
  • Scholarships being applied for at this time are for the 2024/25 academic year. (Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.) Scholarships for spring 2024 were awarded last year.
  • New first-year, transfer and graduate students must be accepted and activate their NinerNET account.
    • If you have not activated your NinerNET account, undergraduate students can locate their NinerNET username on their acceptance letter, and click here to activate it.
    • Graduate students can locate their NinerNET username in the third paragraph of their acceptance letter, and click here to activate it.
    • If you already activated your NinerNET account, but forgot your username or password, request it here.
  • Please note that it typically takes approximately 24 hours from the time a student sets up their NinerNET account until the time they can log into NinerScholars.
  • After logging in, you will create your scholarship profile, get matched with scholarships you may be eligible to apply for, select those you want to apply to, and submit all required materials.
  • If you are planning on completing the FAFSA, please respond “Yes” to the related FAFSA question in your portal. This will allow you to be matched with need-based scholarships and apply for them.