Student Application Portal

FOR STUDENTS: This portal is Charlotte’s online scholarship application portal that matches undergraduate and graduate students to scholarships. After logging in, students create a scholarship profile, are matched with scholarships they may be eligible for, select those they want to apply to, and submit all required materials.

Scholarship Management Portal

FOR SCHOLARSHIP ADMINISTRATORS AND APPLICATION REVIEWERS: This portal is used by faculty and staff with a system role of Administrator or Application Reviewer.

Administrators have full access to all student application materials, Reviewer comments, and the ability to nominate students for a scholarship for scholarship funds they manage. Administrators also have access to the Scholarship Award Form, and are responsible for ultimately selecting scholarship recipients, and completing a form for each applicant who should be offered a scholarship and the award amount credited to their student account.

Application Reviewers have access to all student materials for each scholarship application they have been assigned. They can provide feedback and make award recommendations to Scholarship Administrators, based on their review.