Evergreen Scholarship

Giving to the Evergreen Scholarship Fund provides the opportunity to change a student’s life.​

The Evergreen Scholarship Fund

The Evergreen Scholarship Fund is a unique and flexible scholarship fund designated to help our students with their ultimate goal – to graduate.

  • The fund allows the University to evaluate current enrollment, student retention rate, financial aid, and graduation gaps annually.
  • This criteria allows us to identify the changing needs of our diverse group of students over time to help them meet their goals.
  • As a result, the Evergreen Scholarship Fund allows the University to combine several donors’ gifts, regardless of size, to leverage additional funding for students to get them over a small financial hurdle.

Your gift to the Evergreen Scholarship Fund will allow us to:

  • Provide scholarship funds to Undergraduate Admissions to award to high-achieving students in combination with Honors Program Acceptance.
  • Provide need-based funds to Financial Aid to support grants for students with high unmet need or for students who have exhausted their aid eligibility.
  • Provide completion grants to Seniors with high amounts of unmet need to help them cross the finish line to graduation.
  • Award grants for stop-out prevention